Allergy Treatment


Allergopharma, founded in 1969 by Dr Joachim Ganzer, is one of the leading companies engaged in the fight against allergic disease.

When the company first set out with a strategy of developing in the fields of allergology and immunology, no one could have predicted how dramatically these would grow over the next 30 years. Allergopharma built its range of products and services step by step and as part of this process specialised increasingly in immediate (type 1) allergy.

Today, through state of the art techniques in research, development and production, Allergopharma offers a complete range of high quality products for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of allergy.

To stay in the lead, research is vital, and in the 1970’s, Allergopharma established its own research division on which it spends a significant proportion of annual turnover. Since 1979, Allergopharma’s research team has published over 200 papers on clinical and experimental allergy.

This commitment to research and development is the basis on which Allergopharma will continue to produce innovative products for the future.

This has been underlined by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, taking full ownership of Allergopharma in December 2012.