Specific Immunotherapy

The Allergopharma allergen extracts are manufactured from various allergenic raw materials of biological origin, such as pollen, epithelia, feathers, moulds, mites, dust and foodstuff. The genuine allergens are isolated with careful aqueous extraction at a physiological pH value. By means of modern technological methods, these solutions are further processed; an essential step is the removal of possible irritants of low molecular weight using diafiltration techniques. The resulting allergen solutions (allergen bulk extracts) are characterized by in-process controls, e.g. physico-chemical and immunological analysis, resulting also in a quantification of major allergens.

In order to convert the extract to a more stable intermediate, it is freeze-dried. In a final step, the medical preparations are produced by adsorbing the allergens to Aluminium Hydroxide to get the depot forms or by chemical modification, which leads to high dose hypoallergenic vaccines.

For the specific immunotherapy of IgE mediated allergic diseases, two different principles are offered by Allergopharma:

  1. High-dose hypoallergenic allergy vaccines for pollens and mites, by subcutaneous injections.
  2. Semi-depot allergens for subcutaneous injections.

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